Georg's Life In Pictures

Georg Mayer parents

Kurt and Rose Mayer

First came love then came marriage and then came Georg, the third of four children

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer in his boyband days

Georg Mayer's first serious venture into musical composition and arrangement began when he became keyboard player and band leader of a pop band at age 18.

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer Clarinet player

Georg Mayer has been playing clarinet since the age of 12, and played in his first band an Oberkrainerbesetzung at the age of 14

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer Saxophone player

Georg Mayer has been playing saxophone since the age of 13 and by the age of 16 was playing in big bands, dance band and Salon Orchestra.

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer Education

Georg Mayer studied music at Freiburg and Stuttgart Conservatoriums.

Georg F Mayer

Georg with Mstislav Rostropovich the great Cello player and Conductor

Touring Europe with the German Russian Youth Orchestra broadened Georg's horizons and allowed him to meet many foreign dignitaries such as Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev and British Prime Minister Edward Heath.


Georg F Mayer

Philharmonie der Nationen/Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchester

Georg F Mayer toured with the Philharmonie der Nationen, including accompanying President Roman Herzog on a state visit to China in 1996. Georg also spent four years with the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchester. See if you can spot him in this You Tube video, performing on ZDF programme Achtung Klassik. You can't miss him at the end!

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer, Orchestras

Georg pictured rehearsing with the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra at the Konzerthaus Berlin.

Georg Mayer has played in a number of highly regarded Orchestras including 10 years as Solo Clarinet with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra (chief Dennis Russel Davies ) and the Cologne Chamber Orchestra ( chief Helmut Müller Brühl ).

Georg F Mayer and Stephan Runge

Getting ready to perform on ZDF Hitparade show

Georg Mayer arranged and played saxophone on a number of recordings with Stephan Runge. In this picture, the multi-talented Georg, is getting ready to perform as Stephan's backing dancer and backing vocalist on ZDF! Watch here!

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer plays piano too!

Georg Mayer's talents are not restricted to Saxophone and Clarinet. He played the Violin from the age of 8 and as you can see extended his talent to piano from the age of 10, becoming church pianist in his local Parish at age 18. Click photo to enlarge!

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer, M.S Europa

Georg Mayer joined the MS Europa to cruise the Indian Ocean as Orchestral Musician and ended up as Orchestral Conductor. Pictured here with Kevin Tarte, Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn and Udo Lindenberg

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer and Boris Ritter

Georg Mayer enjoys collaborating with other musicians, on this occasion as a duo with pianist Boris Ritter!
Georg has recently entered into a new collaboration with Robert D Marx. Check out the Marx & Mayer page after this!

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer, exclusive performances

Georg Mayer is also in demand for Private Concerts from Belgium to Australia. He is pictured here at a private concert in Frankfurt with Franziska van Almsick

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer and Gospel AG Band

Georg Mayer can often be found playing with Theresa Burnette and the Gospel AG Band. To hear Georg play, click on the link to the Gospel AG Band below. You can also read a review here

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer and Wedmusic

Georg Mayer also plays with Wedmusic, pictured here at Kloster Lorch

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer, Musicals

Georg Mayer has played numerous musicals and although arranging and producing are taking up increasing amounts of his time, he still tries to involve himself when he can, due to his love of musical theatre. Currently at Heidelberg, 'Cabaret' (April/May 2015).

Georg F Mayer


Georg has also recorded with a number of orchestras including, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Philharmonia of the Nations and Stuttgart State Orchestra, amongst others.

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer, Arranger and Producer

Georg Mayer, pictured here with Willemijn Verkaik, spends increasing amounts of time in the studio of GFM-Music, arranging and producing. Georg has written orchestral arrangements for amongst others the Bergisch Symphony Orchestra, the European Youth Orchestra, Stuttgart State Orchestra, Residence Orchestra of Baden-Württemberg, and recently for the highly acclaimed Kevin Tarte CD "Reflection"

Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer in the recording studio with Kevin Tarte

Georg F Mayer and Kevin Tarte in the recording studio of GFM-Music, working on Kevin's CD " Reflection".

'Reflection' in which Georg was involved as producer, musical director and arranger has just celebrated 6 months as Number 1 in the musical charts in Germany, (April 2015).


Georg F Mayer

Georg Mayer Solo Artist

Georg Mayer is currently working on a solo album due for release later this year (2015). To hear Georg play check out our teaser.

Do It In A Dress and Vince from Vegas

Watch Georg take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, meet his alter ego, Vince from Vegas, and listen to an extract from Georg's new CD 'Stories'. Then watch Vince from Vegas take part in a charity event for Do It In A Dress, a charity which raises funds to educate girls in Africa.


Georg F Mayer - Music Educator

Georg and members of the South German Kammersinfonie in a performance "Herr Buffo und der Notendieb". Photo: Helmut Pangeri

Georg has been interested in music education for a number of years. In the photo above Georg introduces the works of famous composers to school students through musical theatre. (Read more)

Georg Mayer is an experienced music teacher and currently teaches students privately and in school. Anyone interested in Clarinet or Saxophone lessons can get more information here.

Recording with Jay Alexander

Georg has the pleasure of supporting many wonderful artists. On this occasion the wonderful singer Jay Alexander!

Down time

When Georg is not busy working he likes nothing better than to travel with family and friends. Here in NYC with his foster son.

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