Marx & Mayer

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Robert D Marx


Robert D Marx, is a German singer, actor and star of musical theatre, who completed his training as a fellow of the Stella Academy in Hamburg.

Robert has extensive musical theatre experience, having performed in many productions, including Cats, Tanz der Vampire (Roman Polanski´s Dance of the Vampires), Elisabeth  and most recently Sunset Boulevard and Mamma Mia. Robert also has experience as an actor in film and television. 

Robert has a beautiful high baritone voice and can adapt his performance style to suit any occasion.             

Georg F Mayer, Saxophone, Clarinet, Arranger and Producer

Georg F Mayer

Composer and Musician

Georg F Mayer offers extensive experience as a Musician, Arranger, Producer and Conductor, evidenced in the very successful Kevin Tarte CD "Reflections".  This expertise will be utilised to create unique arrangements tailored to Robert D Marx's voice and Georg will organise the appropriate musical accompaniment, either through the direction of a full orchestra, or personally for more exclusive gatherings.

Georg F Mayer is an accomplished musician excelling in saxophone and clarinet and has played in some of Germany's finest orchestra. His experience bridges classical to pop and will allow Marx & Mayer to present a unique cross-over programme.      

Marx & Mayer would be delighted to put together a programme to meet your requirements, be that a full concert or an intimate and exclusive gathering.

Please contact Robert and Georg through gfm-music